30-31 January 2019, Paris, Porte de Versailles

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europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference

  • More than 50 speakers

    More than 50 speakers

    A perfect occasion to listen and interact with the best speakers from learning & development across the world

  • Europe

    Europe's best L&D conference & exhibition

    The most important event of the year on e-learning calendar

  • More than 4000 visitors

    More than 4000 visitors

    50 Free seminars and 130 exhibitors, providing the latest learning technology and innovations at the first major European event focusing on Learning and Development 


2018 Conference Programme

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For the 2018 edition we had three conference rooms and two open theatres on the show floor

In terms of themes and format here is the outline programme:

Conference Room 1 – 300 seats: Enterprise eLearning in France

Two days of moderated conference organized into roundtables and expert themed workshops, moderated by leading figures in the French eLearning industry. Room 1 is all about what is happening with eLearning in French companies (private sector) with strong focus on case studies. Tracks for the two days (in French) include:

  • Opening Keynote and Roundtable: The state of the Art of eLearning in France
  • Large enterprise case studies : eLearning at the service of French business
  • Small and Medium enterprise case studies: how economies of scale have changed the game, biting the bullet and reaping the rewards even when you are small
  • Social and Mobile learning: does it work for real in France
  • Make or Buy: when to buy off the shelf content and when to make your own
  • The cost and ROI of content development – choices of level, technology and device
  • Serious Games, Gamification & Virtual reality: just a fashion or a serious competitive edge?
  • Evaluation and Assessment – how to use testing and measurement to the best effect. What should you measure and when? Can we use the Kirkpatrick model in France? How does French training law affect performance measurement in eLearning projects?

Conference room 2 – 200 Seats: eLearning in Education and Lifelong Learning in France

Two days of moderated conference organized into roundtables and expert themed workshops, moderated by leading figures in the French eLearning industry. Room 2  is all about what is happening with eLearning in adult education and universities. With real live examples and  case studies. Tracks for the two days (in French) include:

  • Case studies of eLearning for vocational training, including the highly successful CAP Patissier
  • The indomitable Rise of the MOOC and the virtual classroom for lifelong learning
  • On line tutoring and coaching – using mobile technology, video and social media
  • Innovation in pedagogical methods thanks to eLearning
  • Gamification and serious games: demographic considerations and the singularity. Who has what devices and how can we use them to teach? With case studies and examples
  • The new deal between academia and business: how eLearning facilitates the preparation of students for life after academic success
  • Case studies of eLearning at the service of sports, medicine and engineering studies in remote conditions

Conference room 3 – 100 Seats: International eLearning & Language Learning

One-day of moderated conference in English bringing in top speakers, authors and thought leaders from around the world to speak on new vision, case studies and strategies not yet seen in France. Speakers include Dr David Guralnick, President of the International eLearning Association, Donald H Taylor, chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, Sally-ann Moore, Founder of iLearning Forum. Topics will include:

  • International eLearning Case studies showcasing projects from North Africa, South East Asia, Canada, Benelux, UK and South America
  • Future trends in eLearning and L&D, results of R&D
  • Success factors for managing international eLearning projects
  • Neuroscience and learner motivation

The second day in room 3 will be entirely dedicated to the teaching ofLanguages using computers. This conference will be in French and to some extent English and will feature corporate and lifelong learning case studies, as well as latest advances in speech and hearing technology. The day will be organized into two mains sessions on language learning

  • Corporate language learning case studies, with ROI, competitive edge, state of the art methodologies economies of scale and business benefits
  • Latest advances in Language teaching including:
  • Speech and hearing technologies applied to language learning
  • Blended learning methodologies
  • Pedagogical innovations for language learning

Two open theatres – 150 Seats: Leading Edge eLearning Demonstrations 

Throughout the two days, two theatres will be the scene for a coherent programme of themed demonstrations of new products, technologies and tools for eLearning. Demo tracks will include:

  • Learning Management systems for corporate
  • Learning management systems for education
  • Open source learning management systems
  • Content creation tools
  • Content management tools
  • Virtual Classrooms and MOOC’s
  • Interactive Video, Virtual reality and 3-D simulation
  • Serious games and Gamification
  • Assessment, testing and certification


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