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    29 - 30 janvier 2025 | Porte de Versailles | Hall 7.1

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29 - 30 janvier 2025 | Porte de Versailles | Hall 7.1

The Video Void in Learning: Bridging the Gap with AI


The Video Void in Learning: Bridging the Gap with AI

mercredi 24 janvier 2024
Theatre 2

Despite being a highly impactful method of instruction, the integration of video in learning has been slow, hindered by significant investment of time and financial resources. Notably, 67% of industry professionals cite limited resources as the chief obstacle to content development​​. This session, presented by Elly Henriksen, the Synthesia Instructional Designer, will outline how innovative AI video technology is not just mitigating these challenges, but also reinventing video creation. With Synthesia, companies like Zoom and Collibra have dramatically reduced video production times by up to 90%, giving designers more time and resources to devote to tailoring content to the audience and creating more personalized learning experiences​​​​. Elly will share insights on leveraging these efficiencies to enhance the quality of learning and demonstrate the transformative potential of video in education.

Elly Henriksen, Instructional Designer - synthesia

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