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    29 - 30 janvier 2025 | Porte de Versailles | Hall 7.1

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29 - 30 janvier 2025 | Porte de Versailles | Hall 7.1

Your Digital Twin is Smarter than you!!


Your Digital Twin is Smarter than you!!

mercredi 24 janvier 2024
Salle Londres
Intelligence artificielle

Whether we like it or not, we all have several have digital twins already. They may not be in the form of a customised avatar but they exist in every captured interaction with the internet, whether it be goods we buy online, messages and images on social media or data collected from our wearable devices. Your digital twin knows more about you than you know about yourself and, because of AI, is also smarter and more creative than you. This talk explores the disruptive opportunities and challenges your digital twins are creating.

David Guralnick, President and CEO of Kaleidoscope Learning - Columbia University, & the International E-Learning Association
David Wortley, CEO And Founder - 360in360 Immersive Experiences

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