Paris France 2025

Learning Technologies France 2024

Dates and Venue

    January 29 - 30, 2025 | Porte de Versailles | Hall 7.1


24 - 25 January 2024 | Porte de Versailles | Hall 7.1

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Conference & Live sessions

Enhanced learning for greater impact

We are currently witnessing a genuine revolution in the world of workplace learning, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence that is disrupting the roles of all its players. How can we make the most of this new technology to enhance the engagement of our employees and improve their performance?

Immerse yourself in over 100 conferences, keynotes, and roundtable discussions centred around the theme of "Enhanced Learning for Greater Impact!"—a comprehensive journey into the latest insights and strategies for transformative learning. 

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London Room

International L&D, English-language conferences, Language learning

  • Vision of Future Work and Learning: A series of high-quality keynotes from international speakers in English, including authors and futurists.
  • Trends and International Case Studies: Digital learning case studies from around the world, presented in English; along with global surveys and studies.
  • Language Learning: Feedback from language training projects, pedagogical innovations in language learning, with feedback and customer case studies from leaders in the language training market.
  • Evaluation and Certification: A series of case studies covering evaluation, testing, certification, and post-training measurements. Utilization of artificial intelligence to generate custom test content.

Paris Room

Large enterprises & Corporate

  • Digital Training Strategy, Change Management, ROI: Case studies and experiences from large companies and multinationals with training directors and Chief Learning Officers. They will discuss the impact of training and share the keys to the success of large-scale digital training projects.
  • Transformation of Training Professions, Trends & Vision: Speakers who are authors, thinkers, and futurists, presenting barometers, surveys, and analyses of the latest trends.
  • Peer-to-peer learning, Individualization, Engagement: Experiences to illustrate how the power of algorithms can now be used to create truly individualized and tailored training paths that meet the needs of learners and ensure their engagement.
  • Corporate Coaching, Soft Skills: Case studies, surveys, performance analysis, and return on investment from coaching and soft skills development projects in businesses and large organizations.


Berlin Room

Public sector, SMEs, Higher Education, Training Organizations

  • Employability, Career Paths, France 2030: EdTech companies testify how, in response to the major challenges of societal transformation, they come together and combine their expertise.
  • Lifelong Learning and On-the-Job Support: Case studies and client testimonials that demonstrate that, beyond technology, providing ongoing support for employees throughout their learning journeys is effective within businesses.
  • Innovations in Learning Technologies: An overview of innovations and the results of research and development, with feedback on usage in learning organizations.
  • Digital Responsibility, Low Tech: Concrete examples of companies that incorporate the need to revise their processes, methods, and tools into their training programs to contribute to the necessary frugality that is required for all organizations.


Las Vegas Room

Technical-pedagogical innovation, R&D

  • Gamification: Beyond the desire to incorporate gamification into educational resources to enhance learner engagement, examples of pedagogical innovations that include serious games and other simulations closely related to real-world professions.
  • Engagement, Emotional Design, Adaptive Learning: Personalization and customization of training pathways to adapt to all learners and stimulate their motivation to learn, with examples of high-impact program development.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences: An essential topic in 2023, testimonials on how AI transforms training tools and programs and redefines the roles of all participants. As for cognitive sciences, experiences of using the results of scientific research to optimize learning processes.
  • XR & Metaverse: Serving the development of hard skills or soft skills, immersive tools are improving for simple deployments that facilitate cooperation among learners, trainers, and industry experts.


200 renowned speakers

Each year we offer an exceptional conference programme, led by renowned experts such as:

  • Lucie Dhorne, experte en créativité pédagogique et usages de l’IA

  • Delphine Moncorgé, Fondatrice & Dirigeante, Jao Learning

  • Anne-Marie Cuinier, Créatrice du podcast @Learn & Enjoy et L&D Manager

  • Thierry Kuzelniack, Monsieur Métaversité et Directeur national du numérique du Cnam

  • Antoine Poincaré, VP AXA Climate School

  • Catherine Flouvat, L&D manager, RSE Orange

  • David James, CLO de 360Learning

  • Arnaud Coulon, CLO Auchan Retail International

2024 Themes


People Learning and Development

User experience, Immersive Learning, Adaptive Learning, multimodal learning.


Learning Content

Content creation, new pedagogy, authoring tools, "storyboarding", new fast methods of creation, gamification and serious games, transition from face-to-face to remote.


E-learning Deployment & Strategy

Choice of platforms, strategies, change management, project management, coaching and mentoring, peer to peer learning.

Continuous learning

Technologies and Learning Tools

Human capital, skills and talent management, the Future of Learning vision at the workplace.


Learning Impact

Certification, tests, evaluation, quizzes, performance management, Return on Investment.


Language Learning

Case studies, language pedagogy, Blended Learning for languages, interculturality.

Futur L&D

The Future of L&D and Human Ressources

Virtual classrooms, off-the-shelf content, the impact of education on positive entrepreneurship.


Continuous Professional Learning

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, behavioural sciences, neurosciences and interactive videos.

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